Q What kind of paint is used for face and body painting?

A I use only FDA  compliant, non-toxic, skin safe, hypo allergenic, water based make up. On some occasions where water proof paint is needed, I may use an alcohol based paint.  The paint is applied  by brush and sponge. I may spray a design with a hair spray to fix it if needed in a hot atmosphere, for instance a night club.
All paints wash off with soap and water.
A brush soap designed specifically  for face and body painters to clean the brushes while painting is also used. 

QWhen face and body painting, can tattoos or other markings be covered?

AYes tattoos and birth marks can be covered with a base neutral  colour makeup specifically made for cover  up, before applying paint.
Stretch marks and scars can be covered with just the paint.

QI want my body painted, what do I wear?

AIt is very important that you as the model are comfortable and enjoy the experience.
Pasties (nipple covers) are used or sometimes a bra or tube top.
Underwear or sometimes a thong depending on the design.
Usually the fabric needs to be a solid colour rather that prints, and as close to match the design as possible.
Artificial fabrics work best (nylon, polyester, spandex) . Nude colour is best, sometimes black or white also works with some designs.

QYour comfort?

AI mostly ask that you are standing or sitting while I'm painting. I do have a massage table that can be used upon request, which gives you as the model a nice resting position. There will be some breaks for us both to stretch, have refreshments etc. depending on timing and how long a design takes to create.

QAre you Insured for body painting?


QWill you Travel for face and body painting events?

AI am based in Ottawa, Ontario, however I love to travel and can do so to any location.

* Info for Mannequin painting:
The paints are water based and so will wash off very easily without leaving marks or damage to the mannequin.
Once the paint is dry (a very quick process) the paint can be touched gently, making it OK to carefully change the mannequin's outfits.