Video showing waterproof paint

                                       Waterproof Paint

Just like regular face paint except it's water proof,smudge proof, sweat proof & can stay on 1-3 days! Applied by brush, sponge or airbrush. Ideal for pool parties/ beach, rain days, dancers/ performers, all night parties, jewelry/flowers designs for weddings & events. Hypoallergenic/ FDA approved. Removes easily: 1) Rub in LIQUID SOAP FIRST 2) Add water, wash off, use baby wipe or oil, makeup remover.

Realistic Temporary Tattoos!

Easy to take off, these tatts can stay on for 1-5 days depending on tattoo location, the persons skin, & care of tattoo. Large or small, sleeves or more....everyone will think there're real! 100% toxic free & safe for your skin. Tattoos are waterproof and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.


Face & body painting can be used in so many ways creating a buzz to remember your event! Decorating staff, logos, business name, grand openings, wedding parties, videos, stage shows, fashion shows. Neon colors for black light fun!

Pregnancy Belly Painting

Belly painting is a wonderful way to celebrate your pregnancy. This service includes photos, creating a unique keep sake of your very special time for years to come. The painting is created in the comfort of your own home. The designs can range from simple to detailed & can fit with a theme you may like. Only the highest quality, FDA approved, hypoallergenic products used. References available.

                       Body Art for Models

                      Get painted or realistic temporary tattoos for your portfolio!

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are full of sparkle! These fun tattoos are all about the bling!! Great to wear for parties, night clubs or weddings. Many colours and designs available, large or small, including custom made designs (Ex: business logo or Canadian flag). Going swimming, pool party or shower, no problem! This bling can stay on up to seven days. Remove easily with rubbing alcohol or oil. They are 100% toxic free & safe for your skin.